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Effective communication with your Interior Designer

Many homeowners in Singapore face issues during their home renovation. Though it is bound to happen some way or another, there are a few steps that homeowners may take in order to keep the problems in communication to a minimum.

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Regardless the experience of the Interior Designer & homework done by the homeowner, there is still a high chance that problems will surface. This is to the fact of the many “unforeseen variables” due to the sheer amount of factors and people involved in a single renovation. The bigger the project, the more issues we will have. Neverthless one way to avoid or at least keep them to a minimum is to communicate effectively with your Interior Designer.

Below are 3 ways you may effectively communicate with your Interior Designer.

1) Inform or discuss with your interior designer of your expectation before signing of contract

Many homeowners in Singapore thought that renovation is a perfect process and they expect their renovation to be flawless. Let the truth be told: It is impossible! Even machines cannot produce 100% non-defective products, so how do we expect renovation works that are done by bare hands to be 100% perfect?

If you really expect certain level of finishing or quality, you must inform your Interior Designer. Most likely your Interior Designer will let you know what is achievable and what is not. Being realistic about the final product is very important. Understand what you will get and accepting it will make the whole renovation process less cumbersome. Do ask your Interior Designers what are the possible issues so that you can be mentally prepared for them.

If the Interior Designer promise you 100% perfect renovation, please let us know who they are. We would personally love to engage them!

2) Always maintain peaceful communicate when there is a problem

As mentioned, the bigger the project, the bigger the issues. Many of the renovation works are interlinked. Any work that is not done properly will affect the other renovation works. When there are so many people involved, it only takes one person to be irresponsible or late to affect the whole renovation project.

When problems are a sure thing, your only solution is to deal with it. How to deal with problems is very important. Most Singaporeans will choose the get angry and complain. My advice to you is not to because getting angry and complaining only works in big organisation or government sector. If you create a bad relationship with your Interior Designer, you would be on the losing end as your home is at stake. Discussing the problems and compromising on issues will help to create conducive environment for all problems to be solved. Not only will you be helping the Interior Designer to clear some of the obstacles but helping yourself at the same time to get your home renovated in time. In some cases, the Interior Designer can even do more for you in order to repay your kindness and full cooperation.

If any complaint or argument does not end well, you might end up with a half renovated home and spending more money getting another Interior Designer to complete the renovation works. Do remember that getting angry will not get you anywhere. Clear mind and thinking will clear all your obstacles and solve your problems.

3) Black and white is important

For those who work in big corporations especially government organisations, you will definitely know what I mean. Black and white (written agreements) is the only thing that can protect you and prevent any “You say or I thought I told you” situations. If nothing is written down, it has never happened. As simple as that! With the use of email and Whatsapp, written confirmation is simpler than before. Many homeowners and Interior Designers uses emails and Whatsapp to confirm and acknowledge any changes or updates. Always send a Whatsapp message like “Confirmation: the change additional shelving for the master bathroom cost $200″ after a phone conversation. This is to protect you and to prevent the “add-ons” bill shock.

So remember, do keep the channels open nad Happy Renovation!

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