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Snazzy Office ideas - Twitter's new office


Some inspiration for new startups in Singapore from the other side of the pacific.

The popular social networking site Twitter recently relocated its office headquarters to a space previously occupied by Bebo in San Francisco’s SoMa district. The interior design of the new office was spearheaded by Sara Morishige Williams, whose goal was to “bring the outdoors in, while making the space playful yet useful and sustainable”. The entire office is equipped with wifi connectivity, and has several fun features such as a dj booth, arcade, custom concrete conference tables, and of course plenty of playful bird depictions. Here’s some pictures taken by the company’s own employees. So for all business owners in Singapore, if you are thinking of revamping and renovating your office, draw inspiration from your surroundings, great ideas may come from all around you!

Check out this link for more pictures

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